A big Thank You for all the folks who made our Sportsman & Flea Market a success!

The 13th annual Gun Show and Sportsman’s Flea Market has come and gone. The show was a tremendous success judging by the smiles and enthusiastic comments. Hummelstown Field and Stream has reason to be proud of what was presented, but it was no simple matter completed by one person. It took a team to perform all the tasks, big and small, to get everything ready. In appreciation for those who helped, the following individuals and groups are recognized:

Paul Stokes for doing everything he does around the club.

Sheree and Paul Potteiger for their excellent food service.

Brian Boyer for helping with the golf carts, opening the rooms, and always being there.

Members of the pistol team, including John, Don, Derrick, Steve, Tom, Paul and many others who cleaned and cleared the floor, and who set up and removed the vendor tables.

Derrick Grossman for helping to acquire the ATM machine.

Jeff Crichton for helping with the admissions table, and with helping to manage many of the tasks during the show.

Jim Zugay for helping with the admissions table.

Scott Deal for helping to organize and deliver an effective parking system, and thanks to all who helped him.

Carmen Beinhauer, Lissa Semic, and Bob Templin for shuttling guests up and down the hill.

Bill Grooms who served as the show’s safety person.

Phil Zimmerman of Zimm’s Guns and Ammo (Hummelstown) for registering gun sales through his Federal Firearms License (FFL).

Those who helped dismantle and store the vendor tables (who in my old age I have lost their names).

Joe Webber and the numerous HFS members who circulated the Gun Show fliers to numerous venues.

To all these individuals and groups, the vendors, and others, we say thank you for jobs well done!

Sincerely, Bill Thompson

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