Indoor Range Qualifications

The Indoor Pistol Range is open to all members in good standing.  

Qualifying for the indoor pistol range is by appointment only.  Please Call or Text Don at 717-982-9260 to arrange to go through the approx one hour qualifying process.

  Our range is now open for conventional straight walled pistol cartridges (No Magnums).  Eye and Ear protection is a must.  Knowledge of use of an Empty Chamber Indicator(ECI) is a plus.  

Qualifying consists of an approx. 45 min class and a 10 shot qualifying target at 50 ft.  You must put 10 out of 10 shots on a 10 1/2″ x 12″ target.  Upon showing proof of membership and qualifying, a $30 fee will allow access 24/7 barring pre-planned activities as shown on our Indoor Range usage Calendar.