Indoor Pistol


Indoor pistol runs from September through April of each year.  Practice sessions start in August and are held every Tuesday evening starting about 7 pm in our indoor range. Our Match nights are on Wednesday evenings and our Team Schedule is posted at


New shooters are welcome and ENCOURAGED to come out.   If you just want to just show up on a Tuesday to check it our, please do, but if you would rather contact us for more info or you have any questions, please feel free to email us at  We would love to see you on the range!


Hummelstown Field & Stream is the home of the Hummelstown Shooting Team – a member of the William Penn Pistol League, which shoots weekly, indoor, .22 caliber, NRA Conventional Pistol Matches (also know as “Bullseye”) on Wednesday nights from September through April of each year.  In addition, we host a weekly practice session at 7 pm on Tuesday nights during the season and these sessions are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.  Anyone interested in learning the Art and Science of pistol shooting is encouraged to join us.  If you have an interest in learning to shoot a handgun, this is the place to do it.  If you do not have a .22 caliber handgun, please contact us a day or more in advance of practice and we will make arrangements to provide one for you to use during our practice sessions and we have NRA Certified Instructors on the team that can help get you started.  If you have questions regarding the Shooting Team, Wm Penn League or Bullseye Pistol Shooting or if you think you’d like to come out and try it, you are welcome to email us at