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Buddy Shoot Scheduled for July 10

Hummelstown Field and Stream will hold a special sporting clays event starting at 12:00 noon on Saturday July 10.   This event features two person “buddy” teams which will be challenged to shoot at three clay pigeons at the same time.   Each buddy will shoot two shots at a set of three targets, for a total round of thirty clay pigeons.  Individual members of each “buddy” team will be randomly selected by the club in order to keep the event even and fun for all competitors.

The cost of entry is $10 per shooter ($20 per team) for 30 targets.  Prizes will be awarded for first and second place winners in each round (60% – 40%).  In the case of ties, winners will be determined by a shoot off or split.

Typical sporting clays rules apply.  All shooters must have eye and ear protection. Shotguns can be of any gauge (12, 16, 20, 28, 410), and must be capable of holding at least two shotshells. Typical shot sizes (#9, #8, #7-1/2) are acceptable.  Magnum shotshells are not permitted.

Mark your calendar and plan to have some fun!


Upcoming Fundraiser:  Sporting Clays for T-Cell Shoot benefitting the Emily Whitehead Foundation

Saturday August 14th, 7 a.m. – ?

$30 per participant (50 clay birds plus 25 Wildcat)

For more information about the T-Cell Shoot, please contact Tom Garrett,  717.315.7228 or tgarrett7@msn.com


Friday Wildcat- Shooting will start around 2:00pm until Sunset each week, weather permitting.


Membership Renewal: You still have time to renew your membership for the Hummelstown Field and Stream Association.  Download a membership application from the club’s website, complete it, and send it with a check to the address shown on the application.




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