Club Rules & Regulations

Hummelstown Field and Stream

Rules and Regulations

The following Rules & Regulations governing the use of these grounds & facilities have been established by the Board of Directors for the common welfare of all club members.

  • The improved facilities on these grounds are for the use of club members & guest only! All guests must live outside a 25 mile radius, be in the company of a current member, and will be charged a $5.00 use fee. The facilities are open to the public only during specified scheduled activities.
  • Members are required to have their Membership Card on their person when on the club grounds. Additional identification shall also be carried.
  • All youth members shall be accompanied by an adult member when using any of the range facilities. Youth members are not permitted guests.
  • All Rules, Regulations & Seasons, as set forth by the Pennsylvania Fish or Game Commission, shall be observed, along with any Special Rules set forth by the Conservation Committee. All trapping shall be done in areas specified by the Conservation Committee, along with written permission signed by the Committee Chairman.
  • Outdoor Range Facilities are open to membership use during posted hours, except  during regular activities.
  • The quarry is not a part of these grounds. Swimming or fishing in the quarry by members is not permitted by the Association.
  • Picnicking by members & their guest shall be permitted at no fee.
  • Target shooting with rifles or handguns shall be done on the Rifle Range ONLY! The discharge of shotguns (with the exception of rifled slugs) or by bow & arrow, on the Rifle Range is strictly prohibited.
  • Target shooting by bow & arrow shall be done on the Archery Ranges ONLY! The discharge of rifles, handguns, or shotguns on the Archery Ranges is prohibited.
  • Firing of Muzzle-loading weapons, whether for sighting in or for practice, is to be conducted on the rifle range. (There is no longer a separate black powder range)
  • The shooting of bottles, cans, empty hulls, bricks, stones, etc., along with any target posts or supports is strictly prohibited! Violators will face AUTOMATIC TERMINATION of membership privileges for life when caught!
  • Firearms Safety Rules will be in effect AT ALL TIMES! Unattended firearms on the pistol and rifle range will have the action open. Be considerate of your fellow members and police your own ranks.
  • Pets, when on the grounds shall be the responsibility of the owner.  (If your pet leaves “a deposit”, clean it up.  No one appreciates stepping in a “deposit” left by anyone’s pet!  Nor does anyone appreciate being around an aggressive or pestersome animal.
  • No vehicle shall be parked as to prevent the free use of any gate or road.
  • Illegal activities of any kind are prohibited!
  • The depositing of rubbish, trash, garbage, litter, or dumping of any kind is prohibited!
  • All-State & Federal Firearms Laws shall apply at all times on these grounds.
  • No discharging of firearms on any range before 9:00 am on Sunday and 8:00 am Monday-Saturday

Additional Rules & Regulations may be announced or posted, in certain areas, as required. We would encourage all members to obey and help enforce these rules, to help keep this club as safe as it has been in the past. The violation of any of these Rules & Regulations subjects the offender to penalties, fines, and/or disciplinary action as the Board of Directors see fit.