Club Update regarding the trees…..

We are about to begin another season of outdoor sports, and look forward to seeing all of you!

As you return to the Hummelstown Field and Stream facility you will notice some major changes to the appearance of the property. We have begun preparation for additional fill and berm improvements. The 200 Yard Range is in the process of getting a Safety Berm along the left side, and the Wildcat slope is also being filled to provide safer access to the Trap House.  Additional tree cutting will be done on the left side of the 100 Yard Range for the addition of a full Safety Berm, as well as a berm across the back (behind the covered benches) to help with sound and safety. We are working with the Contractor to maintain access to the Ranges as work progresses. We ask members to please be cooperative and safe while the work is being done.

There also has been some tree cutting behind the Wildcat Parking area for the expansion of grass parking.  Note about the trees being cut, as we needed to remove the trees to
accomplish the needed safety improvements, we did not want to just cut trees and waste them. We have found a Lumber cutter that is buying the lumber trees from the club. This will benefit the Club and put the cut trees to use.

We will be replanting trees once the project is complete. We ask our members to provide information for low cost/ no cost trees to be acquired for replanting.

I hope this will explain some of what is being done for our club as we maintain our club for years to come.

Buildings and Grounds,
Brian Boyer

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